We are constantly extending and enhancing the archiving features of contentACCESS. In version 3.4, we focused on making the SMTP journal archiving features better and more convenient to use for companies having their emails in Office 365, Gmail and other cloud providers. Of course, there are other great things, too:          
cAccess.EA.13  Shortcutting of appointments and contacts. From now on, contentACCESS is able to off-load also the non-email items, like calendar items and contacts, by removing attachments and adding attachment links into the body of the item.
cAccess.EA.13  Better Auditing features. The user access auditing was extended by IP address, from which the given user was connected.
cAccess.EA.13  New easy-to-use design of Address book. The Address book in the Email archive configuration has been redesigned to be more user friendly and to provide better overview and navigation.
cAccess.EA.13  Simple set up of the SMTP Archive. The new version comes with an integrated management of the SMTP server component, where the system administrator can manage multiple SMTP servers connected to contentACCESS directly from the Central Administration.
cAccess.EA.13  New role management features. It was never so easy to create a new custom role in contentACCESS. The new role cloning functionality allows to easily create new custom roles based on the existing built in roles. Using the cloning function, the administrator can clone the most similar built in role and only focus on the necessary permissions, while the other permissions will be already pre-filled.

Better search experience in contentWEB and other end-user tools

We have improved the search functions used daily by our contentACCESS users. They can now easily look for relevant documents in all archives and find documents using keywords, which can be either in the content of an email or a document, but also in their metadata. Search queries can be executed across multiple mailboxes, the results can be sorted freely and exported into PST or ZIP files.

Read the release notes here.