Everyone is talking about GDPR, making assessments, but do you have the right tools to handle it?

contentACCESS is helping companies with reaching GDPR compliance in a simple, but great way. contentACCESS enables companies to full-text index all relevant data repositories and have federated full-text search across company data.

The following essential IT-systems are supported for data mapping:

  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • File servers
  • User workstations
  • Applications/databases. Any application using an SQL database can be mapped and made searchable by contentACCESS.

The GDPR feature set of contentACCESS gives you the power to manage data in your organization. Finding relevant information in all internally used systems quickly becomes a trivial thing to do.

Make sure you’re on track to meet the 2018 deadline!
Check out how contentACCESS can help you be GDPR compliant.