What a cool thing coming to this world in the end of 2016: contentACCESS 3.1 is now available for download. Your data archiving product has been extended with MS SharePoint archiving features! MS SharePoint has become the leading platform for storing and managing company documents in the last years. Creating a safe and easily accessible archive of the MS SharePoint content is becoming more and more important. Let us introduce you the new version of contentACCESS, which enables you to build a safe and easily accessible archive of your SharePoint sites.


There are a lot of other great new features and improvements! We focused on making our flagship product even more easy-to-use and flexible, not only for the end users but also for the administrators. Would you like to archive the journal mailbox? Or move emails from the public folders? No problem, contentACCESS allows you to secure all the content created in your company. Just take a look at the main points of the release notes:

  • MS SharePoint archiving.
  • MS Exchange Journal Mailbox archiving.
  • MS Exchange Public Folders archiving.
  • Redesigned setup package with more intuitive installation and configuration steps.
  • New centralized management of the contentACCESS client applications.
  • Single sign-on login page for all contentACCESS applications.
  • Better, more detailed permission management.
  • Sharing the archived content via invitations – just like in MS SharePoint.
If you would like to read more about the new things we have prepared for you and your customers, click here. What are you waiting for? Try it now!

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