Are you an information worker? Do you spend most of the time in the office processing information and communicating with people in an electronical way? What is the software you are using most of the time? We bet we know the answer: it’s Microsoft Outlook!

Email is the leading communication platform in the world, over 100 billion messages are sent and received every day.

We are sharing information, discuss ongoing business, sending lots of attachments – reading and writing emails became a natural part of our lives.

All of us are struggling with the same little problems when using Outlook. How to keep tens of thousands of messages in your mailbox organized, categorize information, and prevent the mailbox from growing indefinitely because of large attachments? It also often happens that the information received by email has to be processed further. You may need to upload the attached documents into a document management system or ERP, and this can be very complicated. Did you know that, according to recent studies, you may spend up to 40% of your working hours with reading, writing and processing emails? Why don’t you rather make time for things that really matter?

Let us introduce you officeGATE, a smart Outlook extension, which can simplify and speed up your daily work routines in a great way. In our next posts, we will show you how to connect Outlook with other IT solutions you are using, how to speed up attachment categorization, how to share large files simply and fast without the need to leave your mailbox and much more. We hope you will enjoy learning about these simple tricks. Stay tuned!