Pozrite sa, ako sa TECH-ARROW stal jedným z TOP 10 poskytovateľov GDPR riešení a prečítajte si rozhovor s naším CEO Jozefom Véghom, aby ste sa dozvedeli viac o tom, ako sme sa tam dostali!

Every organization today employs at least an email system, file sharing system, cloud, or on-premise applications. Végh considers identifying personal information from various such sources and documents to be the biggest challenge, and that is where TECH-ARROW helps. When one of its clients wanted to identify their company and customer data, especially from emails, they sought assistance from the TECH-ARROW team, which then indexed and categorized the inbound emails in compliance with GDPR. The customer later decided to use more functions of the platform, storage of personally identifiable data for only as long as necessary is now solved using TECH-ARROW’s contentACCESS platform.


Source: CIO Applications

Pozrite sa, ako vám contentACCESS môže pomôcť byť v súlade s GDPR.