Having lots of files and emails archived can sometimes hold you back, especially when you are in a hurry and need to find a relevant one quickly. The possibility to filter items by various criteria could help, so…          

…we have enhanced the search functions of contentACCESS in a great way! To take advantage of the new search engine, the user interface was also extended in contentWEB. Users are now able to look for relevant documents using keywords, by defining the date ranges, folder names and many other parameters.
The search can be executed across multiple mailboxes or even across all available archives, and the results can be exported to PST or ZIP files. The search system is also storing the recent search queries, so the users can easily re-run their last searches.

Beside the improved user interfaces, a simple new query language has been introduced in the newest contentACCESS. Users are now able to narrow down the scope of the search query the same way they are used to in Outlook. For example, you can easily find mails from a colleague, or with a specific subject. The query language is available in all user interfaces of the archive, including officeGATE, contentWEB and the contentACCESS Mobile app.

Search through your archived items quickly and efficiently, use contentACCESS’ search function to save a lot of time and ease your work!

If you would like to learn more about the great new features of contentACCESS, click here.