mycompanyarchive, the genuine cloud-based Email Archive solution

TECH-ARROW has finally unveiled mycompanyarchive, an amazing cloud-based email archive service that solves email management, archiving and e-discovery scenarios in your organization in a smart,…

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29.12.2018 / Archiving

officeGATE search and archive functions in Outlook

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE Check out the new version of officeGATE with its enhanced search functions for your Office 365 archive.          …

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20.11.2018 / Archiving

Search transparently and with ease

Having lots of files and emails archived can sometimes hold you back, especially when you are in a hurry and need to find a relevant…

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Make Outlook smarter with officeGATE!

Are you an information worker? Do you spend most of the time in the office processing information and communicating with people in an electronical way?…

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30.8.2018 / GDPR

Enabling Data Archiving, Migration, and GDPR Compliance

Check out how TECH-ARROW became one of the TOP 10 GDPR solution providers, and read the interview with our CEO Jozef Végh to learn more…

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contentACCESS 3.1 is here

What a cool thing coming to this world in the end of 2016: contentACCESS 3.1 is now available for download. Your data archiving product has…

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